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Case report

Bilateral Testicular Epidermoid Cysts

Norman Loberant1Shweta Bhatt2Edward Messing3Vikram S. Dogra2
1Department of Radiology, Western Galilee Hospital, Israel, 2Departments of Radiology and, 3Urology, University of Rochester, NY, USA
Date of Submission: 13-Sep-2010, Date of Acceptance: 25-Sep-2010, Date of Web Publication: 01-Jan-2011.
Corresponding Author:

Vikram S. Dogra

E-mail: vikram_dogra@urmc.rochester.edu

Corresponding Author:

Vikram S. Dogra

E-mail: vikram_dogra@urmc.rochester.edu

DOI: 10.4103/2156-7514.73502 Facebook Twitter Google Linkedin


Testicular epidermoid cysts are the most common benign tumors of the testes, but account for only 1–2% of all testicular tumors. In a young man presenting with a testicular mass, a high index of suspicion must be maintained for the malignant testicular germ cell tumor, which is 50-times more common than testicular epidermoid cyst. Bilateral testicular epidermoid cysts are a very rare condition, with only a few reports in the literature. It is extremely important in this condition to make a correct pre-operative diagnosis on imaging to enable a testis-sparing surgery.
Keywords: Congenital, epidermoids, ultrasound, testes

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