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Case report

Magnetic resonance imaging as an adjunct to ultrasound in evaluating cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy.

Rebecca WuMichelle A KleinSabrina MahboobMala GuptaDouglas S Katz
Department of Radiology, Winthrop‑University Hospital, Mineola, Department of Radiology, New York‑Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital, New York, Department of Pathology, Mineola, New York, United States of America
Date of Submission: 10-Jan-2013, Date of Acceptance: 13-Mar-2013, Date of Web Publication: 29-Mar-2013.
Corresponding Author:
Corresponding Author

Rebecca Wu

Department of Radiology, Winthrop‑University Hospital, 259 1st Street, Mineola, NY ‑ 11501, United States of America.
E-mail: rwu@winthrop.org

Corresponding Author:
Corresponding Author

Rebecca Wu

Department of Radiology, Winthrop‑University Hospital, 259 1st Street, Mineola, NY ‑ 11501, United States of America.
E-mail: rwu@winthrop.org

DOI: 10.4103/2156-7514.109758 Facebook Twitter Google Linkedin


Cesarean scar pregnancies (CSPs) are a relatively rare form of ectopic pregnancy in which the embryo is implanted within the fibrous scar of a previous cesarean section. A greater number of cases of CSPs are currently being reported as the rates of cesarean section are increasing globally and as detection of scar pregnancy has improved with use of transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS) with color Doppler imaging. Delayed diagnosis and management of this potentially life-threatening condition may result in complications, predominantly uterine rupture and hemorrhage with significant potential maternal morbidity. Diagnosis of a cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) requires a high index of clinical suspicion, as up to 40% of patients may be asymptomatic. TVUS has a reported sensitivity of 84.6% and has become the imaging examination of choice for diagnosis of a CSP. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been used in a small number of patients as an adjunct to TVUS. In the present report, MRI is highlighted as a problem-solving tool capable of more precisely identifying the relationship of a CSP to adjacent structures, thereby providing additional information critical to directing appropriate patient management and therapy.
Keywords: Cesarean Scar Pregnancy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Scar Ectopic Pregnancy, Transvaginal Ultrasound, Uterine Artery Embolization

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