Case report

prenatal diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome in the third trimester of pregnancy using 3D ultrasound

Luciano Marcondes Machado NardozzaEdward Araujo JúniorAna Carolina Rabachini CaetanoAntonio Fernandes Moron
Corresponding Author:
Corresponding Author

Edward Araujo Júnior

Department of Obstetrics, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) Rua Carlos Weber, 956 apto. 113 Visage, Alto da Lapa, São Paulo – SP, Brazil, CEP 05303-000.

DOI: 10.4103/2156-7514.95436


Amniotic band syndrome is characterized by a build-up of bands and strings of fibrous tissue that adhere to the fetus and can compress parts of the fetus, thus causing malformations and even limb amputation while the fetus is still in the uterus. The clinical manifestations are extremely variable and their extent may range from a single abnormality, like a constriction ring, to multiple abnormalities. Such abnormalities are generally diagnosed at the end of the first or the beginning of the second trimester using two-dimensional ultrasonography (2DUS). Three-dimensional ultrasonography (3DUS) in rendering mode allows spatial analysis of the fetus and amniotic band, thus enabling better comprehension of this pathological condition and better counseling for the parents. There has not previously been any evidence to show that 3DUS would be useful in cases of late diagnosis (third trimester) of amniotic band syndrome. In the present case, a primigravid woman underwent her second obstetric ultrasound scan in the 34(th) week, from which we observed two bands in contact with the right forearm, but with normal movement of this limb and its fingers. 3DUS made it possible to see the spatial relationship of these bands to the fetal body, thereby confirming their adherence to the limb. After the birth, the prenatal diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome without limb constriction was confirmed. A surgical procedure was carried out on the third day after birth to excise the bands, and the newborn was then discharged in a good general condition.
Keywords: Amniotic Band Syndrome, Prenatal Diagnosis, Three-dimensional Ultrasonography

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