Technical innovations in imaging sciences

Echo planar diffusion-weighted imaging: possibilities and considerations with 12- and 32-channel head coils

John N MorelliMegan R SaetteleRajesh A RangaswamyLan VuClint M GerdesWei ZhangFei Ai
Corresponding Author:
Corresponding Author

John N Morelli

Scott and White Hospital, Texas A and M HSC, 2401 S 31st Street, Temple, TX 76508, USA.

DOI: 10.4103/2156-7514.96548


Interest in clinical brain magnetic resonance imaging using 32-channel head coils for signal reception continues to increase. The present investigation assesses possibilities for improving diffusion-weighted image quality using a 32-channel in comparison to a conventional 12-channel coil. The utility of single-shot (ss) and an approach to readout-segmented (rs) echo planar imaging (EPI) are examined using both head coils. Substantial image quality improvements are found with rs-EPI. Imaging with a 32-channel head coil allows for implementation of greater parallel imaging acceleration factors or acquisition of scans at a higher resolution. Specifically, higher resolution imaging with rs-EPI can be achieved by increasing the number of readout segments without increasing echo-spacing or echo time to the degree necessary with ss-EPI - a factor resulting in increased susceptibility artifact and reduced signal-to-noise with the latter.
Keywords: 3 Tesla MRI, Diffusion-weighted Imaging, Echo Planar Imaging

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