J Clin Imaging Sci (October 2013) (All)

Case report: Superior gluteal artery pseudoaneurysm presenting as a gluteal mass case report and review of literature.
Sawsan Taif, Asim Derweesh, Maali Talib
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(49) 1-4 (29 October 2013)

Review article: Concepts for Liver Segment Classification Neither Old Ones nor New Ones, but a Comprehensive One.
Jean H D Fasel, Andrea Schenk
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(48) 1-7 (29 October 2013)

Case report: Truncus arteriosus with persistent left superior vena cava cardiac computed tomography findings in an unrepaired adult patient.
Berhan Genç, Faik Fevi Okur, Vedide Tavlu0131, Aynur Solak
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(47) 1-4 (29 October 2013)

Case report: Radiographically Occult Latent Radiogenic Osteosarcoma Uncovered on Tc-99m Methylene-diphosphonate Bone Scintigraphy.
Prashant Jolepalem, Raymond Y Yeow, Diane Cosner, John P Seitz
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(46) 1-3 (29 October 2013)

Radiologic-Pathologic correlation: Giant choledochal cyst mimicking massive gallbladder hydrops in an adult patient multi detector computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings correlated to gross and histopathological findings.
Joon-Il Choi, Chandana Lall, Puneet Bhargava, David K Imagawa
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(45) 1-4 (29 October 2013)

Radiologic-Pathologic correlation: Lymphangioma circumscriptum in an adult an unusual oral presentation.
C Ganesh, G S Sangeetha, Vivek Narayanan, T N Umamaheswari
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(44) 1-4 (29 October 2013)

Radiologic-Pathologic correlation: Benign medullary fibroma of the kidney a rare diagnostic dilemma.
Santosh Kumar, Gautam Ram Choudhary, Bhuvanesh Nanjappa, Amanjit Bal
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(43) 1-4 (29 October 2013)

Dental Article: Adenoid cystic carcinoma of sublingual salivary gland obstructing the submandibular salivary gland duct.
Venkata Suneel Kumar, Venkata Sarath Prathi, Rakesh Kumar Manne, Swapna Beeraka, Kannan Natarajan
J Clin Imaging Sci 3(suppl 1)(10) 1-4 (29 October 2013)

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