J Clin Imaging Sci (May 2019) (All)

Original research article: Revisiting magnetic resonance imaging pattern of Krabbe disease–Lessons from an Indian cohort
Karthik Muthusamy, Sniya Valsa Sudhakar, Maya Thomas, Sangeetha Yoganathan, Christhunesa S. Christudass, Mahalakshmi Chandran, Hirenkumar Panwala, Sridhar Gibikote
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(25) 1-13 (28 May 2019)

Original research article: Can Patient’s Body Weight Represent Body Diameter for Pediatric Size-Specific Dose Estimate in Thoracic and Abdominal Computed Tomography
Supika Kritsaneepaiboon, Suwadee Eng-chuan, Saowapark Yoykaew
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(24) 1-8 (28 May 2019)

Case report: Computed Tomography Imaging in Lemmel Syndrome A Report of Two Cases
Giulia Frauenfelder, Annamaria Maraziti, Vincenzo Ciccone, Giuliano Maraziti, Oliviero Caleo, Francesco Giurazza, Bruno Beomonte Zobel, Mattia Carbone
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(23) 1-4 (28 May 2019)

Case series: Understanding Idiopathic Spinal Cord Herniation–A Comprehensive Review of Imaging and Literature
Pranav Sharma, Priti Soin, Mohamed Elbanan, Puneet Singh Kochar
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(22) 1-4 (28 May 2019)

Original research article: Spinal Tumors and Tumor–like Masses Relevance of Initial Imaging, Karnofsky Performance Status, Age, Location, and Cord Edema
Surendra Kumar Gupta, Sonal Gahlot, Richa Singh, Virendra Singh
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(21) 1-7 (28 May 2019)

Case report: Percutaneous Thrombin Injection for Treatment of a Hepatic Arterial Pseudoaneurysm after the Placement of a Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
Daniel C. Oppenheimer, Luann Jones, Ashwani Sharma
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(20) 1-4 (28 May 2019)

Original research article: A Comparative Study of High–Resolution Chemical–Shift–Eliminated Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Finger Specimens with Microcomputed Tomography
Wingchi Edmund Kwok, Zhigang You, Johnny Monu, Hua He
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(19) 1-6 (28 May 2019)

Case report: Phlebosclerotic Colitis–An Enigma Among Ischemic Colitis
Rishi Philip Mathew, Safwat Girgis, Malcolm Wells, Gavin Low
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(18) 1-4 (28 May 2019)

Original research article: Value of the New Elastography Technique using Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse in Differentiation between Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease
Mohamed Mohamed Hefeda
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(17) 1-8 (28 May 2019)

Case series: Optimal Ethanol–Ethiodol Emulsion Ratio in Renal Angiomyolipoma Embolization A Question that Remains Unanswered
Sreeja Sanampudi, Driss Raissi
J Clin Imaging Sci 9(16) 1-5 (28 May 2019)

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