J Clin Imaging Sci (Case report)

Case report: Multiple Mycotic Aneurysms of the Abdominal Aorta Illustrated on MDCT Scanner.
Amit Nandan Dhar Dwivedi, Ananthakrishnan Srinivasan, Shivi Jain
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(49) 1-4 (31 August 2015)

Case report: Malignant Transformation of Hepatic Adenoma in Glycogen Storage Disease Type-1a Report of an Exceptional Case Diagnosed on Surveillance Imaging.
Akshay D Baheti, Matthew M Yeh, Ryan O'Malley, Neeraj Lalwani
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(47) 1-5 (31 August 2015)

Case report: Intrapetrous Anastomosis between the Internal Jugular Vein and the Superior Petrosal Sinus Cone Beam Computed Tomography Incidental Finding.
Ilson Sepúlveda, Thomas Schmidt, Enrique Platín
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(46) 1-3 (31 August 2015)

Case report: Sonographic Hair-on-end Sign in Osteosarcoma.
Norman Loberant
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(42) 1-3 (31 July 2015)

Case report: Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma Occurring in the Third Ventricle.
Sanghyeon Kim, Myongjin Kang, Sunseob Choi, Dae Cheol Kim
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(41) 1-4 (31 July 2015)

Case report: Corticosteroid Responsive Sarcoidosis with Multisystemic Involvement Years after Initial Diagnosis A Lymphoma Mimicker on 18-FDG PET/CT.
Turker Acar, Recep Savas, Kenan Kocacelebi, Eyup Sabri Ucan
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(40) 1-5 (31 July 2015)

Case report: Testicular Ischemia Due to a Band Around the Spermatic Cord.
Suheil Artul, Basel Fahoum, William Nseir, George Habib
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(36) 1-3 (29 June 2015)

Case report: Carcinoma en Cuirasse from Recurrent Breast Cancer seen on FDG-PET/CT.
Aung Zaw Win, Carina Mari Aparici
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(35) 1-3 (29 June 2015)

Case report: Infantile Fibromatosis A Rare Cause of Anterior Mediastinal Mass in a Child.
Venkatraman Bhat, Praveen Raju, Sanjay Rao, Srinivas Ramaiah
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(34) 1-4 (29 June 2015)

Case report: Obstructive Uropathy Secondary to Uretero-inguinal Hernia.
Lih En Hong, Chrismin Tan, Jordan Li
J Clin Imaging Sci 5(33) 1-3 (29 June 2015)

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